Tuesday, October 16, 2012

'Every child has a right to live without exploitation'

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Exploitation can come in many ways but every child has the right to live their life free from exploitation from those who should protect them, says United Kingdom’s deputy High Commissioner to The Gambia.

George Sheriff said exploitations especially sexual exploitation happens in the families and communities in The Gambia, and that it is the responsibility of all to combat it. ”It is our responsibility to ensure that not only do we identify it, and report it, but to sensitive others to play a more proactive role in countering it,” he said.

Promoting the needs and well being of children
He was speaking at an opening of a two-day workshop organized by the Child Protection Alliance (CPA) with the aim of increasing awareness of child rights, child sexual exploitation and related issues amongst religious and community leaders in The Gambia. he said religious leaders who hold deep and trusted relationships with members of the community have a history of being some of the greatest advocates promoting the needs and well being of children.

“As leaders you can influence thinking, foster dialogue, shape social values and promote responsible behaviors,” he added.

Protect and respect the rights of children
Sheriff Badjan, Secretary General of Supreme Islamic Council urged society to protect and respect the rights of children because they would be adults who will be in power tomorrow..

“parents should not have children for the sake of having them but should also be responsible parents,” he said, adding that good values should also be inculcated into the child to achieve maximum potential.

Children are precious in God's sight
Christopher Monley, representing Prisicilla Johnson, Secretary Genral of Gambia Christain Council, pointed out that children are precious in God's sight and therefore they deserve best care.

He said his council is willing to work with CPA to create awareness for the protection of children. “A child need protection from him/herself,” he said.


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