Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coco Ocean Attempted Murder Case at High Court

Coco Ocean boss

Two young men were arraigned on Monday at the High Court in Banjul in connection with the attempted murder of the owner of luxurious Coco Ocean Resort and Spa.

Mr Farid Bensouda sustained wounds and fractures on his body after a severe beating was unleashed on him recently. He was reportedly flown out for medical treatment.

The accused persons, Mohammed Carew and Modou Jaw, all Gambians face four criminal charges - robbery with violence, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit felony.

They are yet to have legal representation and therefore could not take their plea when they were arraigned on Monday.

The Chief Prosecutor, S.H Barkum insisted to the court that the accused be represented as the charges attract life imprisonment.

Mohammed Carew, one of the accused said his father is looking for a lawyer for him.

The presiding judge, Abdullah Mikalive has given them two days to secure the services of a lawyer – an ultimatum which expires today..

They were first arraigned at the Bundung Magistrates’ Court before it was transferred to the High Court.

Author: Binta A Bah

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