Friday, December 23, 2011

Charges against Touray Brothers of Pristine Dropped

The State has on Monday withdrawn criminal case against Mr. Hassan Touray, chief technology officer of Pristine Consulting, a Gambian-owned IT firm.
Assan and his brother, Abdurrahman Touray, the chief executive officer of the firm are charged with two counts of economic crimes, one count of conspiracy to defraud the public and one count of theft.
Details of the indictment revealed that the two men sold and withheld The Gambia government’s share of over D27, 000,000,000 when engaged by government to produce biometric national identity cards and other official documents.
Assan denied any wrong-doing, but his brother was indisposed. He was declared wanted by the state before the trial.  
When the case resumed on Monday, the deputy director of Special Litigation, Simon Abi told the court that his instruction was to withdraw the case against the accused persons. He was not clear about the reason for the withdrawal.
“The criminal case is over because everything has been sorted out,” Ms Ida Drammeh, the lawyer for Mr Touray told this paper.
Meanwhile, the Touray brothers, in a separate trial, are claiming millions of dalasi from The Gambia government.
 Also underway at High Court in Banjul, it is not clear to this paper whether that civil case has as well been withdrawn.
Initial attempts by the State and the Touray brothers to sort the matter out of court has failed.

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