Wednesday, January 19, 2011

IS Treason Convict Yusuf Ezzedeen In Town?

A rare silence struck the Court of Appeal on Friday as Yusuf Ezzedeen, a treason convict was nowhere to be found for the court to proceed with his appeal trial and the prison officer could not explain where he was.
Yusuf, a Lebanese resident in The Gambia has been sentenced to death for treason last year July, alongside former defense chief, Lang Tombong Tamba and others.
He has separately appealed against his sentence. When his case was set to proceed Friday at the Court of Appeal in Banjul, he was nowhere to be found.
And when the chairperson of the three-member panel of Judges enquired from a prisoner officer who was in court about his whereabouts, the prison officer replied, “due to some security reasons I don’t think I will disclose that.”
Neither the State nor the Defense Counsels made any comment on the absence of “Rambo.”
Ezzedeen’s lawyer, Awa Sisay however told the court that she went to the registrar on that morning for the records, but was told to wait for two additional weeks.
The Director of Special Litigation however assured that the state will join the forces with the appellant to make that the records available before the adjourned date.
Case resume January 21 for hearing.

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